What is LaTeX?

TeXnical Designs uses LaTeX for the typesetting for books, journals, reports and other publications. LaTeX is a document markup language that is provides an easy means to use the TeX typesetting language started by Donald Knuth in 1978. While it is possible to achieve some nice results using MS Word or even Adobe InDesign, LaTeX provides several advantages for the typesetting of large and technical documents as well as automatic document generation that can not be met with either Word or InDesign. Below is a brief description of some of our LaTeX typesetting services.


Word-to-LaTeX/LaTeX-to-Word Conversions

The article submission process can be a daunting and frustrating one. Some journals insist you submit using LaTeX, while others insist on Word. This becomes especially problematic when you have started in one and need to submit in the other. TeXnical Designs can handle the entire process, converting your manuscript, formatting tables, converting your bibliography, so that you meet a journal's (insane) demands.

Dissertation and Thesis Typesetting and Formatting

At times, meeting your university's formatting and typesetting requirements can be difficult even if your university has their own LaTeX class file. We can help you meet your university's formatting requirements, troubleshoot any code that is preventing your document from compiling as well as offer advice and corrections that will make the compiling process go as smoothly as possible.

Book Typesetting

We can get your book beautifully typeset, and looking professional as you get ready to meet your printer's standards and demands.

LaTeX Class/Style Design and Custom Macro Design

We can create a style or class file to meet your organization's book, journal, slide or report formatting needs. Contact us and we can implement your design needs.